Huffey Group Ltd

Huffey Engineering Security.

The company was founded in 1970 as a family business and remained that way until 1999, Since this it has been acquired by a holdings company Invictas Group Ltd and is today based on their 64 acre site in Grantham Lincolnshire.

This includes a class-leading range of security cell doors, windows, grilles, gates and ancillary products for the Police Service, HM Prisons, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, Customs & Excise, Hospitals, Detention Centres, Armed Forces and Schools.

Over these 35 years we have achieved recognition for innovation and technical superiority within Government and other Authorities, our commitment to quality and BSEN ISO9001 - 2000 has made us a market leader.

Our overall goal is to give total customer satisfaction through the creation of Partnerships and to promote long-term relationships with our customers.

As we have a total in-house design, manufacturing, final processing and installation team, we are capable of volume capacity, we can also offer a small run, bespoke capability.

We have manufacturing capacity to produce more than 150 grilles, 100 doors and 40 gates per week. This is supported by considerable in-depth knowledge of differing security requirements.

Huffey Group has a strong relationship with all authorities dealing with high security standards. We are involved in the latest design updates and can provide expertly matched products to suit any custody requirement.

Huffey Group equipment is specifically designed to provide highest standards of security, safety and reliability and to ensure all human rights and dignity are maintained. All products are manufactured to relevant government designs and approvals, with Huffey being an approved manufacturer of the total range of custodial products for HMPS, Police Forces and Courts.